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Game Stores Challenges

During lockdown, Game Stores wanted to tap into the world of viral challenges while featuring products you can find at Game online or in-store. We created a series of challenges to live on social media as well as in-store on screens around the shop.

Netflix, 6 Underground

We needed to launch 6 Underground through a hyperlocal lens, as an action movie for South Africans to enjoy. So, who else could do it but Bongani Njoli, the famous voice of Friday Night Action? We brought the voice of action to radio and dubbed over the original trailer to give it a South African …

Netflix, Stranger Things

Netflix wanted digital content to create a hyperlocal connection to the brand and launch Stranger Things 3. So, we called in a local legend to help us out and created the weirdest crossover everyone needed to see. 

Takealot, Winter Lover

I got tired of hearing about needing a lover for winter. So, for’s winter campaign, we asked people to fall in love with’s winter deals instead. (They’ll keep you warmer with less problems)