The writer behind the work

In my personal life, I defend all things good and just. I support activists, organisations, and lend my skills where they are applicable. I’m vocal about issues our society faces and how we muster up the courage to solve them. I also have rapidly become a plant lady, with my own jungle at home. So, rest assured, your office plants will be cared for. 

At face value, some people find me intimidating. I can be confident, poker-faced, and come across as a bright-haired, tattooed stereotype for others. At heart, I’m bubbly, eager to diffuse tension and enjoy colleagues that know how to really talk nonsense. I’m serious about what I love, but not a serious character.

I believe advertising is a challenge that keeps you learning. The more you work, the more you learn in copywriting. From life hacks to natural medicines, I’ve enjoyed stroking my general knowledge ego after jobs are done and dusted. No matter the circumstances, I know Adland can be a beautiful place when you can make incredible, meaningful work happen.

Hire me.